The second edition of the Tulum Crypto Fest arrives, the festival with a unique proposal that unites knowledge, networking, fun and wellness.

An event that comes to revolutionize the way of experiencing, knowing, and living this new emerging world between technology, lifestyle, business and well-being.

[Press Release] Between May 4 and 7, the jungle and paradisiacal beaches of Tulum will be the most popular crypto destination in the world, becoming the epicenter of a meeting between the brightest minds in the real estate, art and digital industries.

For the second time, the festival will be accompanied by an exclusive repertoire of more than forty speakers, as well as activities that allow learning about new technologies, meeting new creators, and presenting web3 projects for investors and venture capitalists.

The founders and organizers of this event are the following emblematic communities of Tulum: Like Group! Management , TulumCryptoClub, , Coworking Tulum and Feel the Fruit.

This year TCF invited new participants to join this DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) minded community as the group claims. Before launching this company into the fields of tokenization and all kinds of technology conducive to growing a project that changes the standards of many things such as the way of living, working and learning. Barefoot Luxury is the content that they have tattooed on their skin that encompasses topics as deep as the decentralization of cities, corporate and creative nomadism as a lifestyle, slowliving and everything that enables the growth of this innovation in the way of living. and from feeling decentralized, a new lifestyle.

In this way, and in collaboration with a group of distinguished community – sponsors, as they are called within the group, Tulum Crypto Fest will bring the highlights of the Web3 universe and innovation in technology in adoption processes with a good cultural blend, to put the focus on knowing the depth of what is happening at this hinge moment between technology and the world.

The Tulum Crypto Fest consists of an innovative proposal where, over the course of four days, something totally new and different will be experienced, since it was designed and created so that, in a short time, tools can be incorporated, amplify networking opportunities , adopt new products and methods.

“Technology has the power to connect all people and the Tulum Crypto Fest is the perfect platform to materialize this idea in the real world,” says Peiman Fazli, co-founder of the festival.

In this edition, the festival will take place in different venues, “although the great venue is TULUM,” says one of its co-founders Gustavo Bolotin, representatives of the FORBES communication medium, LATAM Mexican Caribbean operation and founder of LIKE GROUP MANAGEMENT! One of the 4 communities that started this meeting.


CERVEZA TULUM created a special venue for the occasion UJ “Sanctuary of the Moon” a kind of speakeasy in the middle of the jungle, with a central river and a number of different options to explore its large size, throughout the different days activations and surprises until Sunday when Xeltun opens its doors for the TCF community, 111 hectares of pure Mayan flora and fauna, unique, secret and private caverns are part of a large conservation project that is catalogued as UMA, environmental unit of measurement for close with the iconic IKAL hotel in tulum where a day of wellness and ceremonies is prepared for the TCF community.


Culture, art and music are key words in these Mayan lands, says Emanuel Cappe, the founder of the TULUM CRYPTO CLUB and one of the founding communities of TCF, a space that opens its doors beyond tornadoes every Wednesday on the paradisiacal beaches of Tulum, a social club where all kinds of unions and cryptographic ventures are born. Another artist and part of the founding team is Alejandro Glatt from FEEL THE FRUIT, the first artist who was able to get out of physical art to take his art to the whole world through the symbol of papayas, his NFT papayas are already icons in the web3 ecosystem where trending products are constantly sought. The parties and the night are a pick moment in the TCF since they are the perfect moment to show how the formula they propose works, making a perfect blend between business, party, knowledge and well-being. The bars and service are taken care of by MEZCAL COYOTE with its LOCO restaurant in Tulum, they will provide a unique experience of all kinds of drink stations with fresh fruits and premium cocktails with top-level brands such as Chandon or the emblematic Red Bull bar .

“The community is the force that drives everything we do at the Tulum Crypto Fest. Building communities in the real world is essential to keeping people connected in the digital age. We are committed to creating a platform that not only educates, but brings blockchain technology into everyday life.” –Nazieh Fazli, co-founder of Tulum Crypto Fest and CoWorking Tulum.


That’s not all, in addition, the Tulum Crypto Fest experience will go beyond the physical: not only will the tickets be NFT tickets but, in parallel, those who cannot be there in person will be able to experience samples of the festival in the metaverse, through Through the partnership with the LOS ANGELES company Pixel Canvas and the technological team of the TULA Mexico gallery.

The Tulum Crypto Fest promotes the use of this platform as a takeoff for both beginners and experts and their innovative projects that want to jump into the world from a geographically unique place, in contact with nature, thus creating a space to be free thinkers, says TERESA CASTAGNINO, one of the founders and partner of BOLOTIN in LIKE GROUP MANAGMENT, after the first edition she was the one who was able to materialize and keep the fire burning in a complex year for the crypto market and its international community.

TCF is open to receiving new members such as Steph Ferrera from TULUMCOIN and Celeste Dipti Kewal from French Kiss Weddings who have been following the project since falling in love with the last edition. Along with this growth and openness came more sponsors with the spirit of community and partnership, a new way of connecting in this new world of web3 and cultural groups.

The project is much bigger than just a festival, this opens a portal to significant changes when it comes to passing on knowledge and contacts in order to produce prosperity from unexpected moments for this. That is why TCF, hand in hand with blockchain specialist Daniel Sanchez, is in charge of taking this project to be a technological platform for communication, knowledge and entertainment.

The festival will have a comprehensive management of waste by making a final added value application of the waste generated in the festival, as well as the implementation of solutions that generate added value from this correct waste management. Being in raw material or in credits, for the validation of actions in favor of nature.

Leading this implementation is one of our co-founding projects, TulúmCoin DAO, from that organization the entire ecosystem of projects that implement these solutions is structured, such as TULUM CIRCULA, pet gas, eukariota, Red Tulum sostenible, clean points, Tulum vivo, eco caribe , among many others who seek to care for the environment, with the simple responsibility and validation of conscious production chains, showing the capacities of an organized community towards regeneration and becoming an example to replicate for the world.

The sponsors, family partners that accompany us in this edition are Cerveza Tulum, 5fire (layer 1 blockchain India), Mahana real estate, Ikal Hotel Tulum, Xieltun, Digital Oro, GMB property partners, Unicorn Hunters, Unicoin, Agua Santa Tulum, Candela , Binance, Wi Mobil, Talent Land, NFT Mexico, Climatecoin, Motto Hilton, TUK Tulum, NFT Boutique, XELBOR travel, One Tulum, 14MT, INSIDE Studio, Tuula, LOOT8, NFTlab club, AI lab School, Kunn Collective, GLOW, Think: Exp, Unickle, MUNDO CAPITAL, Viaja Click, Money Giver, Beer Money, Starling, CONVERGE, SELVAZAMA, Eco Realty, Real estate Solutions, Cosmiq UNIVERSE, Grupo Tsalach, BARDO, Una Vida Boutique Hotel, Aidia, CRYPTOSMART, Pixel Canvas and more to come…

The last accesses to the festival are available. There are tickets for the day, passes for the entire festival, or you can directly choose to access the VIP Membership Passport, which will include a three-day VIP entrance experience to the Tulum Crypto Fest, plus one-year access to multiple benefits in the Tulum area and within the crypto space, thanks to all the partners involved. These benefits include exclusive discounts and unique events, making the VIP Loyalty Passport the perfect way to make the most of your Tulum Crypto Fest experience. Each entry will be issued through an NFT, created in collaboration with digital art company Tripton, specialists in designing the new virtual reality and Backstage platform. It is worth downloading in this group of partners Alexis Soubran from Minimalist digital agency chosen from the first and now second edition confirms one of the organizers.

The program of activities will allocate the first day (Thursday, May 4) of the festival to everything related to real estate issues, tokenization, decentralization of urbanizations, regulations and legality in the crypto world.

It will fly high on Friday the 5th, opening the doors with yoga classes and holistic experiences typical of Tulum, to then go on to hear the speakers and witness multiple panels that will address topics and problems of great interest. It will be possible to tour the entire sanctuary, with its innovative Crypto School, its Crypto Playground and the different spaces activated with technology in the middle of the jungle, which includes immersion workshops, art installations and live music performances.

Within this framework, there will also be a Hackathon organized by AiLabSchool and Nftlabclub, which will focus on the development of solutions using AI and blockchain technologies. There will be bootcamps and workshops for the participants, where they will learn to use the best development tools and frameworks.

Saturday the 6th will be very special, as it will inaugurate a new division: the Whale Tank, where the stage will be given over to pitching projects and ideas that can satisfy the hunger of whales in the world of technology, with an appetite to change the world. In this edition we are joined by the following giants Silvina Moschini from Unicor Hunter, Ron Oliver from ParqueTec Mexico, Bibin Babu from 5fire blockchain protocol and Pablo Gonzalez one of the founders of Bitso.

The scenarios are two unique spaces to imagine “Sun Stage” and the “Moon stage” referents of the TCF with its epic crypto academy and the great palapa.

At night, the emblematic Full Moon Party where a party that represents the maximum expression of a Tulum that is reconfirmed as an entertainment destination. Pink Floyd saxophonist Scott Page will delight us with a back to back in a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the dark side of the moon. Page has come to launch its platform for NFT marketplace LOOT8, a total innovation that will allow new users to use their NFTs not only as a digital asset but also as a connector between brands and holders.

Finally, Sunday the 7th will be used to enjoy one last day of magical networking in an activation that will take place in the underground rivers of XIELTUN and then close the last day of the FESTIVAL at the iconic IKAL Hotel in Tulum. A unique VIP experience will also take place, in connection with the spectacular nature of the Mayan lands. That day there will be curated moments to close at the Golden Hour, the best hour in Tulum.

What are you waiting for to be part of the Tulum Crypto Fest experience? Join us for a transformative experience and a unique crypto meetup. It is an event that will inspire and challenge you to feel a greater sense of purpose and possibility. Live this experience and join this community.

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