image of founder of the extra mile michelle moon outdoors
Founder & Senior Editor, Michelle Moon


Welcome to The Extra Mile!

I’m Michelle Moon. I’m based out of Toronto, Ontario.  During my seven years in the entertainment industry I was inspired to open this website because I wanted to share my passion for pop culture and experiences with different entertainment events, charities, parties, screenings, and worldwide. 

Here you’ll find different event coverage around the city, films and album reviews, the lives of our bloggers, and celebrity coverage. When you really want something, you have to be willing to go the eXTRA mile to achieve it. We started out in January 2014, as a simple project to share our experiences in the entertainment world.  Now we’ve expanded into the Food Industry, Travel, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, and Fashion. 

Our blog posts will mention the extra miles we take whether it’d be in celebrity spotting, food festivals, fitness expos, or even music festivals, we’ve got you covered!

We want to help YOU take the extra mile to make the most out of your life and experiences. Engage with us by telling us what you’d like to see us cover, and what extra miles you’d like for us to take! 

Remember if you want to achieve something, you have to always be willing to go that eXTRA Mile!

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