Sneak Peek at Immersive Klimt Toronto

Move over Van Gogh, after the worldwide success, Immersive Klimt is ready to take over! Lighthouse Immersive returns with Klimt at the same location, One Yonge Street with Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. Klimt revolutionized art in the Viennese society in the late 1800s and his depiction of portrait art was so accurate and flattering and the exhibit takes you in to see works from the pinnacle of ‘Golden Phase’ and his most famous ‘The Kiss’.

Immersive Klimt takes you an exciting journey with breathtaking colours, bombastic energy, the experience will immerse you in the golden glow of the period for about 45 minutes, and it’ll go by so fast as guests dive into the sensual colors and golden glows of the era and witness an experience like no other.

With social distancing circles in place, the exhibit is a safe gallery for everyone. Tickets range from $45-50 per person and the exhibit is open from Weds-Sun. Vaccination protocols are in place.

The Immersive Klimt exhibit opens tonight! Tickets can be purchased hereĀ