Van Gogh exhibition in Toronto is coming soon and why it’s worth visiting

The highly anticipated Van Gogh exhibition is finally here in Toronto and we got an exclusive first look at this super immersive experience.

The project was inspired by the Parisian Atelier des Lumières exhibition and was originally supposed to launch in May but due to unforeseen circumstances, the exhibit was delayed. Instead, the exhibition created a whole new concept with Lighthouse Immserive and turned it into IMMERSIVE VAN GOGH. The world’s first drive-in experience is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Van gogh exhibition

Why it’s worth visiting

The only digital scale of this scope of the project in North America, with an expansive 600, 000 cubic feet of exhibition space and with 40 different images featured from Vincent Van Gogh’s catalog including some classics such as “Starry Night” “Sunflowers” and “Van Gogh’s Chair”.

With 52 projectors, 26 surround sound speakers, and 60,600 frames of video, this definitely makes you feel like there are shining stars above your head and makes you feel like you’re standing in a field of cherry blossoms.

The show lasts about 35 minutes with a beautiful soundtrack that takes you inside the mind of Van Gogh and his paintings.

immersive van gogh

How is social distancing maintained?

This exhibit gives a whole new way to experience and interact with art while maintaining social distancing rules.  There are social distancing circles that are implemented to help keep a safe space. Once phase 2 is opened up for Toronto, guests will be able to choose a walk-through option or drive-in. There will also be a second gallery added.

How much will it cost?

Free for children under 5

Gogh by Car

The drive-thru option which will be available from (July 3-July 31) for $94.99 plus fees (driver +1 passenger. Additional passenger for $39.99). Included with a drive-in ticket is a free walk-in ticket for when the exhibit is safe to fully reopen.

Timed admission (walk-thru)

Allows you to access the exhibit at a specific hour on a specific day from Weekdays $34.99 and Sat & Sun $39.99 plus fees

There is also a VIP admission for $99.99 which includes priority access and a limited Van Gogh cushion.

Anytime Admission walk-thru

It is currently sold out, but keep an eye out in case they release more.


van gogh face mask

There will also be a gift shop where you can purchase limited-edition merch like these beautiful Van Gogh face masks.

Step inside the mind of Van Gogh and get lost in this immersive experience and still be able to enjoy experiences while keeping a safe distance

Fun fact- They’ve kept 100% of their employees and Salary

Van Gogh immersive is located at 1 Yonge St., Toronto, ON

To learn more click here

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