Illusionarium Toronto just opened and here’s what you can expect

Abraca-dabra! Jamie Allan’s Illusionarium Toronto has finally opened after the long delay due to lockdown. From the same innovators as Immersive Van Gogh, the Illusionarium exhibit transports audiences through centuries of magic with life-size holograms, 3d projections, special effects, and live magicians across 300,000 sq ft of space.

Upon arrival, audiences are taken on a journey through the different eras of magic starting with the 19th Century, in the Palais Royale. With socially distanced seats, guests get to watch an illusion of Harry Houdini share the essence and fundamentals of basic magic.

The next room is The Egyptian Hall, where guests get to see a live magician perform the top 5 rules of magic including the vanishing trick.


There is also a secret chamber, which we don’t want to reveal too much about, but if you get the chance to see this room, it’s definitely one of the best tricks yet.

Illusionarium Toronto
On-Air Studio Room

The next stop is the On-Air Studio room where you can perform some magic of your own with the iconic duo Penn & Teller, who will guide you through a big screen.

The final room is the Evo-lusion theatre, the future of magic, where you see more modern-day magic performed by magicians, with lights, beams, and some neat tricks. This was probably our favourite room, but pay close attention, otherwise, you may miss some major details.

VIP room

There is also a VIP option where you will be taken into a separate room and get to watch some old-school magic, which was a highlight of our tour! Nothing like a classic old card trick!

To maintain visitor safety, each room is socially distanced with a maximum of twelve magic circles in a room, and maks must be worn at all times. Get there early, as seating is first come first serve.

Tickets start as low as 2 for $99 going up to $299 for 4 (with additional VIP and add-on options available)

Jamie Allan’s Illusionarium Toronto is located at 1 Yonge Street

Tickets can be purchased here

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