Why we think Equinox is 100% worth the money

If you’re involved in the fitness industry, then I’m sure you’ve heard of the ever so luxury gym Equinox. I have been a member here for almost three years now, and I’m here to tell you if I personally think the $185 (before tax) is worth it.

Equinox is a luxury gym all around North America. I first heard of this gym in Toronto because Hugh Jackman used to work out here. Then once I came to Vancouver, everyone said that the Riverdale cast works out here. I was obviously intrigued and wanted to try it out. I was also in the process of finding a new gym, because of my fitness journey.  Also, I couldn’t use my Goodlife here because the gym was so far from the city. ( Everything happens for a reason)

While I was in Vancouver, I found my love for boxing, and I really needed a gym that offered boxing classes. Equinox was one of the only gyms that offered that. Let me tell you my trial visit, was a pain. It took me a battle to get a free trial (they don’t offer trials because the gym is exclusive). I really needed to know if the boxing classes were worth it because I really enjoyed STUDEO’s glow in the dark boxing class. I spoke with the gym manager and she was more than accommodating to make sure my visit here went well. One of the reasons I went with Equinox instead of STUDEO was because STUDEO was a cross-fit gym, I needed something more like a club-style.

Okay, so I will admit the first week I couldn’t stop complaining about how expensive the gym was. But that being said, I knew I had to go pretty much every day to make it worth it. Unless you have a great income, I wouldn’t necessarily say this is the gym for you if you’re looking for just an amazing weight room. If you’re really into classes and willing to use all the facilities, then yes it is worth it.

Back at Goodlife, I pay about 50/month and I have a separate boxing membership for about 100/month. That’s already 150 for both. Equinox offers both under one roof for just 35 dollars more, but also on top of that, they have so many other specialty classes. I started to take Barre classes for the first time ever, and I fell in love with that too. I also take Tabata, and TRX, Hot Yoga, cycling and sometimes a dance class. All these classes together would cost way more. Since I’m already spending so much, I motivate myself to make sure I come every day and take advantage of the great classes they offer.

So yes, it’s totally worth it if you utilize all the classes available. The gym has great staff, eucalyptus mint towels (Which comes a long way after sweating your ass off from Tabata), Sauna, Steam room, and Kiehl’s products all around. My favourite vitamin & sports supplement store Body Energy Club is also attached to the gym, so I can easily grab a shake. Also, you are surrounded by some amazing people, who are in great shape and it’s a little intimidating, so I do work out a little harder. These are some of the best fitness instructors I’ve ever had, and a part of me breaks a little when I miss Geoff Bagshaw’s Tabata class on Monday nights. Being a part of this gym, definitely helped me in being in the best shape of my life and I have nothing negative to say about this gym. It’s become home (I legit spend more time here than I do at home)

At the end of the day, again it comes down to priorities. I’m sure you spend 185 bucks on something else each month.

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