The best of the 2020 Restaurants Canada show

The 2020 Restaurants Canada show returned to the Toronto Enercare Centre on the week of March 1-3. This highly anticipated trade show includes thousands of food, beverages and hospitality vendors. The three-day convention allows professionals in the industry to network, try new products and taste some of the best foods and drink that Toronto has to offer.

Though it is only open to professionals in the food industry, we had the opportunity to experience some of the newest trends in the industry and try endless amounts of food and drinks.

Restaurant Canada Show Highlights

Restaurants Canada show


Earth’s Own Oat Milk! Who doesn’t love a Chai Tea first thing in the morning?  Earth’s Own released a new Barista style oat milk, which can be used to make lattes, cappuccinos, and more. They partnered with local company Chaiwala to make the perfect Chai Tea made with the new oat milk. We have to say for a homemade latte, it was delicious. Some people normally don’t like the taste of oat milk, but we could hardly taste it, but instead tasted a smooth creamy flavour mixed with chai.

With the rise of vegetarian/vegan consumers, we had to find some veggie burgers to try! Our classic favourite Beyond Meat was there showcasing their new Beyond Beef, but this one caught our attention because we’ve never heard of them. Veggie Korner, a local but delicious vendor who had some amazing veggie burgers and “meatballs” for consumers to taste. If you want to support local and try a delicious burger, Veggie Korner can be found in whole foods, Loblaws, metro.


Cold-pressed juice seems to be the big trends in society today. We’ve seen Loop in stores at Wholefoods, and was curious was the hype was all about. In Canada, about 56% of food is wasted, Loop takes that waste and collaborates with major food industry actors to save perfectly good food products discarded before it even reaches grocery stores.  We tried there Carrot Orange Turmeric juice and it was worth every penny, not to mention aesthetically beautiful. Delicious juice that was made by foods that would have gone to waste. Loop also makes Vegan Dog Treats, Spirit and sour Beers, fruity soaps and vegan dog treats.


Never a dull moment at the Restaurants Canada Show. Each year we look forward to the ‘pop-up’ section where there are different tastings, vendors who showcase their drinks/cocktails. This year, Beef was one of the highlights of this portion. There was a brief presentation on how the beef is prepared around Canada and some of the best kinds of beef that Canada had to offer. We had the chance to try some of the different kinds, including the Wagu. It was freshly prepared and guests were able to try meat that was well-cooked or medium-rare. The best part was that we had some delicious cocktails to compliment what we were tasting.


If you have yet to try Eva’s Orignal Chimney Cones, we suggest you get out there as soon as you can and grab one of these. Especially with summer coming up, these cones have been a hit since they first made an appearance on their food trucks. The snack originated from Hungary, which is basically a cinnamon sugar cone with ice cream and you can top it up with different fillings. The original location of the store is on Bloor and Bathurst, located at 454 Bloor St W, Toronto. You can check out their website here.

We can’t wait to see what next year’s Restaurants Canada Show has in store!

Let us know if you tried any of the foods listed!

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