TIFF19 Marriage Story Review

TIFF19 Marriage Story Review

Marriage Story hits Netflix after much success on the film festival circuit, including being the Peoples Choice runner up at TIFF.

A film sure to be a hit this awards season, but probably one you’ll not want to watch for date night unless you’re looking to have some interesting conversations with your significant other after.

It’s the newest film from director Noah Baumbach, a filmmaker who has specialized in stories of dysfunctional relationships over the years. We open with our two characters of whom this “marriage story” is about.  Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) and Charlie (Adam Driver) are starting the process of their divorce, having decided after many years its time to go their separate ways. Nicole is getting ready to return to her hometown of Los Angeles with their young son so she can begin work on a new TV show, while Charlie remains in New York running his theatre company.

In the beginning, they hope to be able to keep their divorce as amicable as possible but that soon proves impossible as lawyers become involved and the two become unable to agree on anything.

Marriage Story will definitely be the front runner this awards season as it’s filled with witty writing and incredible performances from Johansson and Driver and great supporting performances from the cast, especially Laura Dern as Johansson’s devious divorce lawyer.

 The film finds the perfect blend of humour and sorrow as we follow our characters on their quest for a new life and how hard it can be to say goodbye to the person who knows you best.

Marriage Story Review

Marriage Story is now available on Netflix


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