TIFF 2022 Review ‘Bros’

Bros tackles a lot of LGBTQ+ stereotype while making the audience laugh 

Director Nicholas Stoller (Neighbours, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) brings us Bros, a gay rom-com that we’ve been so desperately needing in mainstream film. Universal Pictures is the first major Studio to be releasing a rom-com about two gay men, which should say something on how much we still need to bring awareness and create change.


Bros centers around Bobby (Billy Eicner) who is successful Podcast Host and Museum Curator who is raising funds for the first every LGBTQ+ Historical museum in New York. He’s around 40, and lived his whole life being single, going on Grindr dates, and never been in love and describes himself as “emotionally unavailable” It seems like otherwise, as he is struggling to find a connection, as these dates seem to want to hook up and then leave. He then meets Aaron (Luke MacFarlane) at a club, who is a miserable lawyer by day, and who spends his nights at queer clubs finding couples to hook up with. This all changes once he meets Bobby, and they build a connection. They both realize though they are complete polar opposites, Bobby, who has his career together, and doesn’t seem to care what other people think. While Aaron, is facing toxic masculinity issues and trying to figure himself out with his career, and his own happiness. This creates a bit of trouble especially when they both aren’t looking to ‘commit’.

The film brings a lot of hilarious comedy, and it really brings different levels of emotions and laughters. Anyone in the queer community can relate to some of the struggles the characters are going through. The film did a great job by bringing in an all LGBTQ+ cast, and tackling a lot of real life issues, and commentary that people are still not aware of.  It was so refreshing to have a film that have a film so aware of some stereotypes and real life issues that queer people go through every single day. The film is sweet, clever , funny and Bros is sure to resonate with a lot of people in the queer community.

Bros first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept 10, 2022

Watch the trailer for Bros below

Universal Pictures releases Bros in theatres Sept 30, 2022