Feel like a kid again at Pursuit OCR, Canada’s largest obstacle corse

The best feeling in the world is being an adult, but still feeling like a kid. That’s the dynamic that Pursuit OCR brings to the community. The new and improved community center opened in Etobicoke earlier this year, and triple the size (30,000 ft square!)

Each obstacle has been decked out to be more instagramable with funky lights and designs making it the perfect place to take some amazing new photos. The obstacles themselves are also bigger, better and tougher than before.

One of our favorites and scariest was the ball pit! This isn’t your typical “Happy Place” ball pit, this is a 5-foot deep ball pit where the staff constantly reminds you not to bring your phone in there because if it falls in, you’re not getting it back.  We tested this theory out (without our phones of course) and we literally felt like we were drowning. Thank god for the rope, but this is something I’d probably only jump in once.

Another fun activity was the indoor trike race track! A race track course to go drifting with a special three-wheel bike built to spin sideways and race one another. I’m sure you’ve seen the popular Instagram photo spot with the trikes.

We spent at least 3 hours here, and most of it was taking photos. We didn’t even get to finish the full course, because they were closing, but it’s definitely worth coming back too. The perfect place to go alone, work outing, friends party, or even a date! And it’s only available for the 18+ crowd and a day pass only costs $20!

Book your tickets to Pursuit OCR here!


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