Samsung Galaxy Z Flip now available in Canada

I think it’s pretty safe to say, anyone who grew up in the age of the cell phone misses the days of the iconic ‘flip phone’. And as many of you know, all those moments waiting on the return of this legendary electronic creature are now over. Tomorrow, Friday Feb 21st, Samsung is bringing the nostalgia back– but 2020 style– with the launch of the Z Flip,  a sleek, modern, full-screen twist on the OG flip phone. This phone is also a response and iteration on the Galaxy Fold, which was launched last year.

Photo by Janahan Pavanantham

To celebrate the release of the Z Flip, Samsung hosted an invite-only styling session at their Samsung Experience Store at the Toronto Eaton Centre on Wednesday Feb 19th. This event was a first-look (and feel) of their groundbreaking new “category” of foldable mobile phones. Samsung designed the phones to match the look and feel of today’s urban trendsetter. The event featured style experts Dani Roche, director and Editor-in-Chief of creative agency Kastor and Pollux and unisex outerwear brand Biannual, along with Alexander Kenton Liang, blogger, men’s fashion connoisseur and entrepreneur. Dani and Alexander provided attendees with their top tips for upkeeping their modern lifestyles, as well as offering upscale styling advice– featuring the Galaxy Z Flip on their persons’. The phone definitely looked and felt awesome, equivalent in size to a discrete men’s wallet.

Samsung Z Flip
Photo by Janahan Pavanantham

We were surprised at how easy it was to open and close despite, at full open state, the phone is as large as a regular 6’7” Samsung smart phone. The flexible-glass screen is by far the coolest, and has a Multi-Active Window screen, meaning you can have two different screens on either side of the fold. The advanced hinge on the back of the device allows you to free stop fold to where you want it, so, for the risky photographers out there that love to rest their phone on a precarious surface to achieve that perfect family-shot with everybody in, you’ll be happy to learn you can simply fold the Z Flip to any angle that gets the whole crew, then walk away from the self-timer knowing your $1800 baby won’t tumble to its death. As always with Samsung’s mobile line, the camera is super sharp with 12 megapixels and a 123-degree field of view– plus, as you change the position of the phone screen, it changes from full-screen to half, depending on how far you fold. Let’s just say after the second glass of wine, I may have pre-ordered two… #noregrets. 

Samsung, it was an amazing night full of great style and stylish phones. Thank you!

For those interested in bringing the flip phone legacy back….

Samsung Z Flip


Starting February 21, 2020, the Galaxy Z Flip is available in Canada in limited quantities in both Mirror Purple and Mirror Black at Samsung Experience Stores, and at major carriers across Canada, for $1,819.99.

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[Review by Mikyla Mosley]

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