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Food Fighter (2018), directed by Dan Goldberg, is a character-driven documentary spotlighting the crusading efforts of social activist Ronni Kahn, CEO, and founder of OzHarvest.  Her mission is to stem the tide of food waste in Australia and internationally with the goal of making sure hungry people get surplus food and that it doesn’t end up in the landfill.

Goldberg has successfully created an intimate portrait of a compassionate and driven individual who has dedicated herself and her skill sets to providing meaningful solutions to a global issue.  And food waste has no fury like the social activist who is making a difference.   Two million people in Australia suffer from food insecurity; 795 million of the world’s population go hungry every day, and one-third of food is going to waste.

Goldberg juxtaposes Ronni Kahn’s backstory and social activism against the narrative of food waste and its root causes in Australia.  Australian farmers are discarding imperfect produce, a food chain is dumping edible food into its dumpsters despite its public commitment to reduce food waste, and then, there’s the shameful behavior of consumers tossing away good food.   One in five shopping bags goes to waste.

The documentary includes interviews with a diverse cast who weigh-in and present a multiplicity of viewpoints on the social activist and the problem of food waste giving the documentary context and contextualizing and framing Ms. Kahn’s efforts in a broader social context.   It’s a personal documentary rooted within the backstory of Ms. Kahn and her personal efforts to make a difference and reshape the narrative on food waste.  By juxtaposing Ms. Kahn’s narrative against the global issue of food waste, Goldberg creates dramatic tension that moves the film.

It’s a gut-wrenching documentary shining a light on the wasteful food habits of the food industry and consumers, and the crusading efforts of one brave woman, Ronni Kahn, to change the narrative.  On a personal note, the documentary resonated with me on many levels and brought to mind one of my favorite quotes which is “waste not want not” which led me to be consciously mindful of my own food habits and not letting any food go to waste.  The film raises the importance of social activism and supporting the efforts on NGOs to promote social change, and as a consumer, to do my part and to hold the food industry accountable for its wasteful ways.  More importantly, the documentary shines a light that we can all be part of the solution.

Food Fighter is an engaging and compelling documentary deserving of your attention documenting the remarkable life of social activist Ronni Kahn and her humanitarian and compassionate work to end food waste, feed the hungry, and save the planet.  Do see it for you won’t be disappointed.

Food Fighter screened at  Devour! The Food Film Fest

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