Knives Out mystery mansion escape room pop-up

To celebrate the release of ‘Knives Out’, in theatres Wed Nov 27th, The Darling Mansion has created its own thematic “escape manor” available from Nov 26th to 28th.

If you’re not familiar with Knives Out, its reminiscent of 1985’s “Clue”, and this “whodunnit murder mystery” surrounds the Thrombey family’s eldest member, patriarch and the source of the family’s riches. Unlike clue, however, the “murderer” is discovered early on… which had me super excited to see how they would spin this escape room.

The Darling Mansion is home to all things off-kilter: think lots of taxidermy & furs, antiques and many differently-themed rooms– the Opium Den room, the Flamingo Room, the Magic Carpet Ride room, and the Boudoir room are simply part of the B&B offerings.

The escape room(s) are throughout all- mainly two, just depends on what time in the lineup you join the game. You’ll start in one, and find enough clues to lead you into your next “stage”. The entire mystery is about thirty-minutes, and after finishing, there are always people coming out of the similar experience or heading on in. The main floor is consistently buzzing with excitement either way.

All-in-all, a fantastic experience. Mongrel Media and The Darling Mansion (no tries needed from the DM) did a wild job construing a totally eerie vibe. I might be back.. Maybe Thursday, so nobody notices I came twice. Plus I’ll feel smarter to solve this thing faster than the first round…

Be sure to check out this uniquely engaging and all-encompassing pop up( Nov 27 and 28th) before or after you see the film in theatres this week. I can safely say that you will regret not immersing yourself entirely in the narrative if you don’t.

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[Review by Mikyla Mosley]

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