#CMW2019 and Stub Hub Presents: Judah & The Lion

Stub Hub announced on their Facebook page that Judah & The Lion were going to play a free show at one of my favourite bars (The Hideout ) I was super excited to get the chance to see them play in such an intimate venue. This show was to help promote the band’s newest record Pep Talks.

As the band made their way to the stage you could just feel the buzz and excitement in the room. Opening up with a song off their new record “Quater Life Crisis” let all those in the room to finally release all the built-up energy.

Song after song it was incredible to see just how well everyone was interacting with the new music. I have been to  A LOT of concerts and usually when the newer songs come on most of the crowd just stands there watches and listens to judge whether or not they like the song, that however did not happen. Between singing along to all the words and yelling “Judah we’ve got your back!” to, “You don’t mess with my mama” it was quite obvious that everyone was enjoying themselves

Judah & The Lion played a number of songs some of which included “Over My Head”, “Why Did You Run” “Suit and Jacket” and “Alright (Frick It)”.

An unexpected magical moment came when Judah & the Lion broke into All The Small Things, giving that nostalgia and surprise factor that can be a great bonus spot in any show.

There was really great energy in the room for a Tuesday night. And it flowed both ways. The band was on fire from the first song, and the crowd gave it all right back to them. And when Judah came off the low stage to sing and dance with the fans, it all came together as a perfect fit of live music magic.

The last song of the night was their hit single “Take It All Back” which ended the night off with a massive dance party.

Overall this was just an amazing night of music in Toronto and for Stub Hub to kick a great week of Canadian Music Week 2019

After seeing Judah & The Lion for the first time live I can definitely say that I am much more of a fan now than I ever was before. Not only are they really good at playing music but they are very interactive and

I am kind of bummed out that I didn’t stay around for the surprise meet and greet but I am happy I got to experience seeing Judah & The Lion in such an intimate setting as The Hideout.

Thanks, Stub Hub for putting on such a fun show!

Don’t forget to check out Judah & The Lion opening up for The Arkells on June 30th at the Budweiser Stage


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