Can CBD help boost sleep? – resolveCBD product review

The rise of Cannabidiol (CBD) has been growing immensely the past few years, and especially so during this “unprecedented” time (COVID-19 ) and the high anxiety and stress level that comes with it. CBD is the second most prevalent major active ingredient found in cannabis plants like hemp and marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a “high” and is used for an effective treatment for chronic pain, alertness, relaxation, inflammation, anxiety, poor sleep and even boosting recovery post-workout.

With so many different types of CBD– ranging from oils, gummies, capsules, topicals– it’s hard to find out what’s best for you and which brand to take. We’ve taken Toronto-based brand resolveCBD, who offer an entire line of full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD products, and we’ve reviewed two of their most popular items: the 1000mg CBD oil tincture, and 100mg strawberry CBD gummies. resolveCBD oils are made from organic ingredients and source their hemp from an industrial hemp farm located in Northern Ontario. All of their products are 3rd party lab-tested for customer transparency around quality and efficacy, and because they are hemp-derived, their CBD is considered non-psychoactive– which means it is safe for daily use.


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Hemp vs. marijuana; & full-spectrum vs. isolate:

Because hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, the plant can be extracted in its entirely to get CBD, leaving all compounds intact makes it considered a “full-spectrum” CBD. This full-spectrum of the compound contains not only CBD, but other cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids etc. that help the body absorb the CBD efficiently. Its important to make sure whatever CBD you purchase is full-spectrum, not isolate– a cheap form of CBD that is not highly-absorbable by the body.

Marijuana-derived CBDs without THC use a chemical compound to strip the THC, which unfortunately removes many other cannabinoids and compounds that help the body absorb CBD. Unless buying a CBD with THC (which would make it full-spectrum again), you won’t see as many beneficial effects in a marijuana-derived CBD or an isolate product. You’ll also spend a lot more long-term to get the same effect.

resolveCBD oil 1000mg

Oils are a convenient way to consume CBD with a higher concentration of full-spectrum, whole plant hemp extract. Though if you are new to CBD, it’s recommended to start with a lower concentration of CBD, like the 500mg.

The best way to consume Cannabidiol oil is under the tongue, but you can also add it to your favourite beverage or food of choice. In a 1mL dropper, there is approximately 33mg of CBD and a full-spectrum of other helpful cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, etc. rendering it more bioavailable than isolate CBD products.  There is also a natural flavoured or lightly peppermint flavoured (30ml). We heard a lot of proponents of daily CBD putting it in their coffee, for sort of a supercalming version of the bulletproof-coffee.

“I’ve tried taking it when I feel anxious, which is usually night time and I love it! It’s subtle but it makes it easier for me to take a deep breath. I wasn’t a believer in CBD oil because the last one I used felt like it didn’t work but this is actually so good! I saw they have oils for dogs and I’m 100% buying for my dog. It’s been the most effective when I’m sleeping.”


resolveCBD Gummies 100mg

Gummies are a fun, lower cost and easy way to consume CBD. Each package contains 5 delicious gummies containing 20mg of full-spectrum CBD in each gummy totalling 100mg of CBD per package. These little guys do contain gelatin, so are not Vegan-friendly like the rest of the line is.

“It’s helped me sleep better and I get groggy quicker with it.”


Needless to say, sleep quality seems to be the biggest thing our reviewers noticed when trying resolveCBD’s products. There’s no better time than now to try out CBD for yourselves- while we’re all regenerating at home and working on that quarantine glow-up! If you’re thinking of adding CBD to your current routine,  check resolveCBD’s dosing quiz to learn how much CBD is right for you.

Here’s to a calm and happy quarantine– or not!

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