BOOTS & HEARTS is more than just the music (SATURDAY HIGHLIGHTS)

Day 3 at Boots & Hearts, was quite a chilly one in Oro-Medonte! But that feeling quickly gets covered up with all the food trucks and fun activities there is to do around the event grounds. We quickly forgot about the weather and got back into the swing of it all, dancing to the great music in the background all day from Raelynn, Lanco, Kip Moore, and headliner Miranda Lambert. What a free feeling it is to be surrounded by so much happiness and running into friends while Kip Moore’s lyrics But she’s got a couple of friends that she runs around with Dancin’ with the Devi” plays the soundtrack of the day behind you.

 With so many vendors to choose from, it really does make the days so by quick. One of my personal favorites was Shoppers Drug Mart on-site providing free makeup touches or makeovers; they made sure you always felt your best and ready to take part in the day. Dove also had you covered with free sprays of female or male scents.

Pepsi had a booth of free Pepsi cans, as well as the chance to win free food. Jack Daniels booth had free samples of alcohol during the day and had a fun game of creating the barrel, where you and a friend could put together a wood barrel from scratch for some good old country fun.

Alongside many floor games and free tastings of different alcohols, there was also the classic carnival games and rides. The Extra Mile took a ride to the top, to enjoy the view of Burls Creek Event Grounds and the calm before the party.

Photo by: Corey Kelly

Now about Saturday’s anticipated headliner Miranda Lambert…was absolutely stunning! A beautiful and classy country lady. Her sparkly tights, big belt, boots, and tasseled shirt really set the country vibe to a wonderful close of the night. Alongside Miranda, her talented band was just as captivating with their slide guitar riffs and background crescendos into powerful chorus’ that pull at your heartstrings. Although Miranda has many good Stompin boot fun songs, I think the crowd on Saturday night at the main stage was overall a bit more mellow, and really did appreciate the big emotional felt songs such as “The House That Built Me,” and “Tin Man,” singing along every word in harmony under the bright moon. 

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