Toronto Jewish Film Festival presents ‘Where is Anne Frank?’

“Where Is Anne Frank?” is a compelling and beautifully crafted animated dramatization of Anne Frank’s life, directed by Ari Folman. The film breathes life into Anne’s imaginary friend, Kitty, whom she wrote to in her diary. Kitty, now a fiery teenager, awakens in the future, inside Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam. Driven by the belief that Anne is still alive, Kitty embarks on a quest to find her. Along the way, she encounters Anne’s legacy and draws poignant parallels between those who hid from the Nazis during WWII and today’s refugees in Europe.

The animated film weaves Anne’s experiences during her family’s escape into hiding with her imaginary bond to Kitty. Through Kitty’s eyes, we witness the struggles of stateless refugees on Amsterdam’s streets as she investigates Anne’s disappearance. Kitty crosses paths with Peter, a thief from Anne Frank’s house. While inside the house, Kitty remains invisible, outside, with Anne’s diary, she becomes visible. As tension mounts, Kitty visits Anne Frank’s school and library, comparing different versions of Anne’s diary. Anne grapples with survival fears but clings to faith in humanity’s inherent goodness. Kitty confronts an actor during an Anne Frank play about Anne’s words and later visits Bergen Belsen, a Nazi extermination camp, with Peter to learn about Anne’s final days. In a powerful plea, Kitty urges the public to save one child’s soul and implores the state to provide refuge for refugees. She even threatens to burn Anne’s diary if her plea goes unanswered.

The story emphasizes hope and humanity, extending Anne’s relevance beyond her own era. “Where Is Anne Frank?” offers a fresh perspective on Anne’s story, blending history with contemporary issues, and serves as a poignant reminder of resilience and compassion in our troubled world.

Watch the trailer for Where is Anne Frank? below

Where is Anne Frank? will premier at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival in person June 9th, 5:00pm at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema and Online June 11- June 12

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[Review by Stefan Chiarantano]