TIFF18 Review “Beautiful Boy”

After a star-making performance in last years “Call Me by Your Name”, Timothee Chalamet is back with another incredible performance in “Beautiful Boy” 

Directed by  Felix Van Groeningen, The film portrays the real-life account of writers David and Nic Sheff, father and son who’s journey through drug addiction is a painful experience to watch. David (Steve Carrell) is a writer who has remarried Karen (Maura Tierney) and had more children and is under the belief that his firstborn Nic is a happy go lucky teenager. Nic and David have a very close bond with each other, but David is shocked to learn that his son is experimenting with Crystal Meth.

The film documents Nic’s struggles with the drug as he goes through a cycle of getting clean and then ultimately relapsing, all while his father, mother (Amy Ryan), and stepmother try their best to help him in the recovery process.

The highlight of the movie is for sure Chalamet. He gives such a raw, emotional performance, especially in his scenes with Carrell where he pleads for assistance from his father. Chalamet will definitely be in Oscar contention for this performance, most likely in the supporting actor category.

The movie at times does verge into PSA territory and can be a bit melodramatic but overall it’s a heart-wrenching film that does focus on a timely issue. The relationship between David and Nic is engrossing and after watching the film you’ll want to call your mom or dad to let them know you love them.

Amazon Studios releases Beautiful Boy on Friday, October 19, 2018