Review ‘Designer $hit’

Prepare to embark on a cinematic journey like no other with “Designer Shit,” a captivating documentary that defies convention and dives deep into the intricate world of health struggles, all under the skilled direction and starring role of Saffron Cassaday. This documentary is not just a film; it’s a multi-faceted exploration of one woman’s intimate quest for a cure, interwoven with the remarkable power of Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) as a potential solution.  It’s a fascinating film where misery and suffering meets relief and a promise of a cure.

Through masterful storytelling, Cassaday beckons viewers to accompany her on a personal odyssey, a courageous venture to alleviate her own Ulcerative Colitis through the enigmatic and innovative FMT treatment. FMT involves transferring healthy gut bacteria from donors to restore balance within the gut microbiome.The film effortlessly guides us through the labyrinthine corridors of health issues faced by countless individuals, giving us an unfiltered glimpse into Cassaday’s own struggles and the astonishing impact FMT can wield on their well-being.

Designer $hit

The documentary intimately follows stories like Charlie’s recovery through FMT, Kertan, a Harvard student who sells his shit to the Open Biome Stool Bank, adding an unexpected dimension to the story, and Amanda’s participation in a groundbreaking ulcerative colitis research initiative.  The film skillfully dismantles the misconception that just anyone can be a donor while illustrating how most individuals can potentially become recipients. Amidst these personal sagas, an array of medical experts share their insights, painting a complete picture of FMT’s pros and cons. 

Cassaday’s directorial abilities come to life as she deftly intertwines visual elements, playing with angles, juxtaposing interior and exterior shots, and employing innovative editing techniques. The result is a captivating documentary and an immersive experience that seamlessly shifts between personal narratives, treatment procedures, and moments of relief and solace. 

“Designer Shit” serves as an intellectually stimulating documentary that not only explores the potential of FMT but also raises pertinent questions about medical interventions.  Don’t let this gem of a film slip through your fingers. “Designer Shit” is a gut-wrenching (pun not intended) tour de force, and deserving of your undivided attention. Beyond its cinematic allure, this documentary carries the weight of education and the ability to kindle hope in those battling Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and beyond.  Embrace the opportunity to witness this enlightening documentary, as it educates, inspires, and encourages dialogue around diverse health challenges.