REVIEW Brittany Runs a Marathon

In “Brittany Runs a Marathon”, we find our heroine, the titular Brittany,(Jillian Bell) in a bit of a rut in her life. She has a dead-end job ushering guests at a theatre, coupled with her desire to get blackout wasted every night. To top it off, her doctor informs her during an appointment where she attempts to scam him for Adderall, that she actually is overweight and should consider making healthy changes in her life.

It’s the last thing Brittany wants to hear, but after encountering her annoying neighbor Catherine (Michaela Watkins) out for a jog, Brittany decides if you can’t beat them, join them. She starts to discover the world of jogging and begins to slowly train for her goal of running in the New York City Marathon, joining Catherine and running pal Seth (Micah Stock) along the way.

From there Brittany starts her journey which she initially believes is to lose weight, but as she begins to train more and more, it becomes apparent that this isn’t just about weight- it’s about turning her life around. She begins to learn how to get rid of the negative aspects of her life, which includes her shallow roommate Gretchen (Alice Lee) and embracing those who care about her, like her running mates and a potential love interest.

The movie does a great job of presenting Brittany as a complete character, showing the audience her amazing personality and sense of humour, but also showing us her flawed ways of thinking as well. In one particular hard-to-watch scene, Brittany releases all her pent up rage on a pleasant and friendly overweight woman she encounters during a visit to her hometown when she’s hit rock bottom.

Bell is the true driving force in this movie.  After years of playing supporting but crucial roles in several comedy movies, she finally takes the lead and shows that she could potentially be one of Hollywood’s next leading ladies to watch out for.

Elevation Pictures releases Brittany Runs A Marathon on Friday, August 30, 2019