I am what they call a Binger when it comes to watching TV or mini-series. I love finding a show that has a good storyline, builds throughout the series, is filled with Incredible acting, and has characters I root for and want to root for. After having the opportunity to watch the first two episodes at an advanced screening held at the Paradise Theatre in Toronto,I think that Paramount Plus’ new 8-part mini series A Gentleman in Moscow has now officially been added to my “must binge list”! 

Based on the 2016 novel by Amor Towles, “A Gentleman in Moscow”  takes place in post-Revolutionary Russia, where Count Alexander Rostov who once removed a life of class, status, and luxury, is stripped of his title and material wealth, and placed under house arrest for life in a grand Metropol Hotel. The series stars Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and the cast comprises some incredible performers. 

The people at Paramount Plus were adamant about not sharing any spoilers ahead of its March 29 release, so I am going to do my best not to drop anything! What I can tell you is that this series is beautifully shot, and very thoughtful in terms of bringing the story and the characters to life. They used the cinematic trope of the first-person flashback to not only show elements of the story but to tease future reveals and even foreshadow how certain relationships turn out. The first episode having to set up the series was a little dense, but the second episode had the entire crowd hooked into the world the show created so carefully. 

However, one of my favorite duos in the show is Ewan McGregor as Alexander Rostov and his little friend Nina played by Alexa Goodall. Their friendship is so sweet, and innocent, and perfect to carry the show through the series! There were moments of joy where I was smiling ear to ear, deep sadness, and tenseness. 

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who was in attendance for the screening, spoke on how much this project meant to her, and what this show is truly about. “It’s about the connection of people in the smallest of ways…(The Count) loses everything and has to find the triumph of the human spirit”. Winstead credits her connection to the story with the wonderful creative and writing team, and getting to share the experience with her husband Ewan. “I didn’t expect to have it resonate with me as deeply as it did in the end and to be with my partner doing these scenes about love, and loss, and parenthood, and all these things that were just like, “Oh my God, it’s all hitting me so hard!” And that’s because they wrote it so well. It’s not like every story connects that way, but this one does”. 

A Gentleman in Moscow

After the screening and Q and A, we were treated to amazing food and signature cocktails, but to be honest, all we were focused on was the show! A Gentleman in Moscow premieres on Paramount Plus on March 29, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds! 

Watch the trailer for A Gentleman in Moscow below

A Gentleman in Moscow will debut on March 29 in Canada, U.S., The U.K and Australia on Paramount Plus + 

[Review by Shan Fernando]