Eataly Toronto opens its first location in Canada

After waiting for years Eataly Toronto is finally about to open its doors in Yorkville on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 (tomorrow!). The highly anticipated Italian Market Chain Eataly opens its 40th location which is about 50,000 square feet in Toronto’s Manulife Centre, Yorkville.

The Toronto location will be three floors with a high-end Italian grocery store, bars, restaurants, and cafes. Eataly has four full-service restaurants, but customers can also buy a glass of wine from the bar and walk around the grocery shelves and browse some different styles of pizza and to-go items.

Prior to the launch date, we had the opportunity to get an exclusive sneak peek at what’s to come in this brand new gorgeous complex.

The really unique thing is, they brought over chefs all the way from Italy, to train some of the future local staff so guests can experience 100% authenticity.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights during our visit!


La Pescheria

Eataly Toronto
La Pescheria

This restaurant brings some of the best Italian dishes from the sea (fish sourced from local Diana’s Seafood)

In the picture above(L to R), we have the Salmone (Organic Salmon, Grapefruit, Chive) for $16.

On the right, we have the Scialatielli all’ Amalfitana (Traditional fresh pasta from Campania poached fish ragu, Calamari, Salt Spring Island mussels, gulf shrimp, Mutti Tomato, chili flake, basil, extra virgin oil) for $23.

On the bottom, we have the Pesce Spada (Grilled swordfish, pesto trapanese) for $13.

La Pizza E La Pasta

Eataly Toronto
La Pizza E La Pasta

Firstly, Here we have two salads.

The Scarol on the left (Greek olives, fried chickpeas, red wine vinaigrette) for $16.

On the right, we have the Misticanza (Mixed greens with hazelnut, radish, green beans, prosecco vinegarette) for $12.


Scialatielli pasta(muscles, grill shrimp,  for $28.

Our personal favourite.

Ravioli (Butternut squash) for $16.


Caffe Vergnano

Eataly Toronto

Serving real Italian espresso, but the best part is the Tiramisu cake that literally melts in your mouth. Don’t leave Eataly without trying their famous Tiramisu, legit the best thing I’ve ever tasted.


Eataly Toronto

There is also a selection of Canolli and Gelato (The Tiramisu Gelato is UNREAL)


Eataly Toronto

Look how adorable it looks with all the beautiful colors!

Eataly Merch

Take a piece of Eataly Toronto home with you

Eataly Toronto opens its doors officially on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 5 PM

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Let us know what you think of this new hot spot!