CMW2019 Presents: The Darcys and Kongos


it was time for Kongos at Canadian Music Week (CMW) to rock out with Toronto. They opened with “Hey I Don’t Know” and the crowd went wild; everyone was jumping and singing along. It was a guys night out as I watched the men in the crowd rocking out along with the band. It was nice to see all four band members up in the front and next to each other to show off their talent. They were definitely having fun jamming up on stage and they even brought their stage manager up to rap and the crowd definitely didn’t mind. As much of a rock band Kongos are, they didn’t forget about their slower songs and played “Travelling On” and “Escape”, and it was great to hear it live. This might sound like a generic saying in a concert review, but Kongos is a really talented and unique band. They have such a diverse range of music style yet it doesn’t feel weird seeing when they play it. The best thing about the show was that they delivered their recorded songs perfectly live. It was also really fun when Kongos brought out a smoke ring machine when they played “I’m Only Joking”. The audience was singing along, rocking out and trying to catch the smoke rings. Everyone was having a blast. After seeing Kongos live, you can’t help but think “Damn, these guys are really cool”



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