Boots and Hearts headlines with Maren Morris and Cole Swindell (FRIDAY HIGHLIGHTS)

After a more quiet Thursday evening (the campgrounds say otherwise), Friday was a more crowded and great start for the amazing headliners at Boots and Hearts! 

The grounds were quiet as usual, we were able to get on the Ferris wheel without having to wait in line! We spoke to some attendees and most of them were super excited for Maren Morris.

Maren Morris

Maren Morris set started right before sunset, and she played a 75 minute set on the Main Stage. Morris had the crowd singing along to every song she played including her hit singles “Girl” “My Church” and she even took us back with her “80s Mercedes”.  She even had her husband  Ryan Hurd up with her during her performance. To close her set, she performed the song that brought her into the mainstream world “The Middle” and of course every single person in the crowd, security included, sang along to what’s been quoted “the most basic song” in the world.

Morris took the time to even tweet about the festival quoting “Can every festival have Canada summer weather? Thanks @BootsandHearts” Can’t wait to see you back Maren!

Cole Swindell

Closing Friday night off was headliner Cole Swindell, who came out rocking a plaid shirt, jeans and a hat ( Signature look). Most people had too much to drink by the time Swindell came out, but the grounds were packed! The campground itself holds about 45,000 campers, and we would like to say about 75% were all at the stage to watch Swindell take on the main stage. Swindell performed hits such as “Love you too late”You should be here” and his latest single “All Nighter”. For most campers, this night was an All-Nighter, considering that we couldn’t get too much sleep because of how loud everyone was on the grounds.

The night ended with yet another Monster Energy Late Night Dance Party, and for the second night in a row, we had many campers head over to the Front Porch Stage to dance along to the green-lit stage.

[Photography by Michael Frymus]


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