Scotiabank presents art installation Path to Impact

In celebration of Small Business Week in Toronto, Scotiabank brings an immersive art installation where you can experience first hand the path of a business owner. Scotiabank recognizes the challenges that anyone can face while trying to start a business. Whether you’re thinking of starting a business, new business owner or a 10-year veteran, the journey can spark many different challenges-but with the right help and support, it can lead to impact.

Scotiabank hosted a private media tour, starting the day off at SOMA Chocolatemaker for a welcome briefing hosted by Jason Charlebois, Senior Vice President of Small Business at Scotiabank.

Scotiabank Path to Impact installation

The inspiration behind the installation puts you in the shoes of a business owner to experience their journey based on their challenges and the advice Scotiabank offers to help businesses find their success.

The innovative installation walks you through five key stages when owning a business.

  • The Big Idea – a giant light bulb lights up as you walk through
  • Curveballs – literal curveballs block the path, each ball has a new statistic on various impediments to the journey.
  • Doubt & Isolation – an isolation cylinder designed to recreate feelings of doubt. “You’re having second thoughts” The sounds echos through your ears.
  • Closing Doors – this section has blind-like doors that open and close together showing when one door closes, another one opens. “You don’t wait for another door to open. You make your own door” Some of the advice regardless of the situation.
  • Impact – each panel features motivational quotes and testimonials from real people and includes an interactive section where visitors can share who they want to impact in their life.

Scotiabank Path to Impact

Scotiabank offers many different programs where advisors will take time to get to know their customers and understand their unique challenges and goals. Jason Charlebois mentions that Scotiabank wants people to know that they’ll be provided with customized banking solutions as well as help setting realistic expectations for your practice at any step of the way.

The Scotiabank Women Initiative is a comprehensive program that gives women access to capital and promoting gender equality by supporting women-led businesses with mentorships from senior business leaders and an opportunity for like-minded women to come together to network and share experiences.

The Scotiabank Healthcare+ Physician Banking Program provides Canada’s physicians with a robust suite of baking solutions tailed to their unique financial needs.

From now until October 31, when you open a NEW select account for business and a NEW Scotiabank Passport, VISA infinite Business Card you can earn up to $800 in bonus and reward points in your first year. Whether you have a business idea or been in the business for many years, the Path to Impact installation will make you feel inspired and feel confident to continue with your own journey of building a business.

The Path to Impact is open to the public from October 21-25; 8am-8pm at 464 King Street West.

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