Ashley Callingbull, First Nations Mrs. Universe, inspires at Canfitpro

Ashley Callingbull has been rising on Instagram and been making headlines at major conferences all over the world. She’s the first Canadian indigenous woman to win the Mrs.Universe title. As a result, she’s was also in the 4th season of The Amazing Race Canada with her stepfather.

We had the opportunity to chat with  Ashley Callingbull, at the CanFitPro Expo as she tells us some of her inspirations, her favourite quotes and most importantly why she believes she will make a difference to the community.

In conclusion, we loved hearing what Ashley had to say and the way she presents herself as a motivational speaker.

Check out our interview with the beauty queen below and let us know what you think!

 Ashley quotes “I had to let go of the pain, my self worth is something no can take away from me.”

“Never limit yourself”

Ashley Callingbull tells herself a quote each day to keep inspired and motivated. We truly felt motivated and uplifted after her speech and I’m sure many others have as well.  The biggest takeaway is to challenge yourself and never let anyone get in the way of you chasing your dreams.

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