What we learned from the 2019 Canfitpro Trade show

The largest fitness event in Canada, CanFitPro took over the Metro Convention center from Aug 14-18 to showcase the newest products, ideas, and knowledge from the health and fitness industry. We attend this event each year, and each year, we learn something valuable to share with the fitness world.

Here are some of the highlights from canfitpro this year!

Opening Ceremony

The trade show opened with a ceremony, having over 10,000 delegates and consumers (a Broken record) stand up to sing O Canada. This year’s event included over 226 presenters and continues to be the largest fitness education conference worldwide. Some of the big winners for the event were

Canadian Presenter of the Year
Kennedy Lodato

International Presenter of the Year
SGT Ken Weichert

Specialty Presenter of the Year
DTS Fitness Education Kevin Darby

Steve Block Vendor of the Year
360 Athletics

Lifetime Achievement Award
Paul Chek

Ashley Callingbull’s motivation speech

This year the opening keynote speaker was actor, beauty queen, and first nations Activist Ashley Callingbull. The audience got to hear Callingbulls inspiring story of how she fought to get to where she is now. Callingbull begins by telling the audience she grew up in Alberta with a single mother and grandparents and how she got through abuse, and the fight for equality for the first nations. She mentions that she grew up with nothing, hated herself, had no hopes and dreams and slept in the reservation growing up. Callingbull had to fight through all those negative thoughts, she quotes “I had to let go of the pain, my self worth is something no can take away from me.” and she says to always chase your dreams and never let fear stop you from doing what you love. She also mentions briefly about her role in the Amazing Race Canada and how she felt like she could take on the world. She quotes to “Never limit yourself” and tells herself a quote each day to keep inspired and motivated. We truly felt motivated and uplifted after her speech and I’m sure many others have as well.

The U-Jam Dance class

World of Dance Fitness is an urban dance workout that makes you sweat while having fun at the same time. We got a whole range of dance from Bollywood, Hip-Hop, K-Pop, Latin and Pop to R&B. This class didn’t even feel like a workout, but more of a group dance party!

Food Deconstructed session with Tricia Silverman

Tricia Silverman is a registered dietitian, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and wellness coach who spoke about nutrition that we get in our foods today. She brings up how organic is the way to go because drinks like tea have pesticides. She also breaks down Canada’s food guide and mentions that we should have fish twice a week for optimum brain functioning as you age and beans for longevity. One of her favourite meals is from Salad King- the bean vermicelli noodles which are made up of organic beans and water. We are all aware of what we should and shouldn’t eat, but Silverman did a great job of reminding us how it’ll benefit us in the long run.


Natural Championships presented by GNC and ALLMAX

A competition on who has the best physique? We can always learn a thing or two from watching how much attraction this competition brings!

These are only a few of the things we learned from CanfitPro, with only four days of learning and hundreds of sessions that all happen at the same time, it’s hard to attend them all! But none the less, we had a great time and back in the mood to go The Extra Mile and get into our best shape! Can’t wait to see what Canfitpro has in stores for us next year!

Check out our highlight video below!


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