Luka & Jenalyn heads to Toronto this weekend for CanfitPro 2019

Our favourite fitness expo returns to Toronto this weekend Aug 14-18 for the annual CanFit Pro Fitness Convention and Tradeshow! This year, seasoned fitness professionals will have dozens of new sessions to explore, while those who are newer to the industry will have the chance to explore and expand their knowledge.

With over 40 different speakers and presenters, we have Luka & Jenalyn from World Of Dance. The young duo (21&18) were the youngest Blackpool 3x Exhibition finalists & NBC WOD Season1&2!

The duo will be doing a meet a greet at 1:30pm on Friday, Aug 16!

Get your tickets on the website here!


Check out a video of the duo performing on World of Dance Championships 2018

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