The Tape Escape (Outside the March)

Remember those days feeling like a 90’s kid, where you go into a VHS store and you’re browsing through 5000 VHS tapes to find the perfect rental. That’s the whole concept behind Tape Escape, an escape room staged inside a VHS Rental store where you can step into a nostalgia trip back into the 90s solving a series of movie themed puzzles and mysteries.

Outside the March, a Toronto theatre company has taken over the space to create The Tape Escape, where you can go through three different rentals, each with its own unique storyline. Even the space was decked out like an art installation with a Super-Nintendo playing  Super Mario Bros 3 in the background.

We had the opportunity to check out 2/3 rentals, and each experience is about an hour, and I was fairly impressed with the creativity behind the whole experience.

Love Without Late Fees

If you’re feeling more on the romantic comedy side,  this rental runs its own matchmaking service. You can have up to eight people in this experience and help two single renters jumpstart their relationship. (We tried this experience, and with over 30 different endings, can you find the way to the couples happily ever after?

A Grown-Up’s Guide to Flying

This rental explores how we experience movies using all five senses in the process. Gene’s older brother Kelly plans a special birthday treasure hunt for her in favourite place. You can have up to 4 people in this experience. (Most people don’t finish this one, and we have 42 minutes to complete this one, and we finished it with 30 seconds to spare)! 

Yesterday’s Heroes

Venture on a quest through shelves overflowing with stories, to find the one that can’t be recorded over. There’s something deeper in store, but you might have to uproot the past to unlock the future.


The Tape Escape runs through to August 4, 2019 and Experiences run Wednesday to Sunday, multiple times per day

Tickets $31.95

Tickets are available online at 

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