Pizza Fest returns to Ontario Place

If there’s one thing Torontonians love, it’s a festival dedicated to pizza. We already have a Beer fest, Taco Fest, Mac N Cheese fest, so why not add another to the list.

Pizza Fest presented by Taste Toronto made its way back to Ontario Place this past weekend and with high heats up to 40 degrees, but that didn’t stop anyone from catching their perfect instagram pictures.

The festival was filled with cheesy and saucy deliciousness slices of heaven from some of the top vendors in Toronto. It wasn’t all just pizza, there was a wide spectrum of Italian eats, such as pasta, poutine, meatballs and even ice cream! Not to mention the wine and sangria !

Take a look at some of our favourite vendors!

MAMMA MIA POUTINE from 6 Spice Rack
Margherita pizza from Pizzeria Via Mercanti

The festival itself started at $7.95 to enter the grounds, and each slice was about 2-5 tickets (1 pizza token=$1.77+ HST($2.oo). Drinks were about 4 tickets.

Additional activities included a pizza making class, bocce ball, live music and  DJs to keep the music going all night long.


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