2018 Toronto Pro Supershow

Once again Toronto welcomed the Toronto Pro SuperShow, bringing in tons of
visitors from across Canada and the United States, hundreds of supplement vendors,
and some of the most aesthetic bodies gathered in one room.

We also decided to challenge ourselves at the start of the Toronto Pro Supershow
weekend. We challenged ourselves to workout everyday, eat healthy and properly,
and to stick with it – as hard as it may be. Our goal was to set a date, and see how
our body adjusted to the change in physical fitness pace.

30 days down, 30 days to go!

We set our goal date to line up with the upcoming Canfitpro World Fitness Expo,
happening August 8-12 2018. 2 months is just the right amount of time to get used
to the workout schedule, have our meals and caloric intake right, and see a slight
change (if any) in our body.

The Toronto Pro Supershow was a great way for us to meet influencers in the fitness
industry, but it was also a great way to meet fitness experts who were willing to
help us out on our journey.

We teamed up with Greg Lachance. (IG: @greg_lchance) a Rivalus Canada sponsored
athlete, insanely ripped, and amazingly vegan! We were so amazed at how someone
who doesn’t have animal protein intake, can still maintain muscle mass, and a great
physique. Who else better to help us out?















With our workout plans laid out, and our meal prep schedule ready, the first 30 days
came, beat us up, and left us wanting more! We will give a detailed outline of our
plans and results once we reach our goal date – and yes, we look forward to
continuing past it!

If you need to get anything done – set a deadline. Demand yourself to figure it out by
then. Decide to become the person you envision – decisions are not up for
negotiations, think only of the new you!

Your faith in yourself must be greater than your fear – you must be willing to fall
down, make a mess, and get back right up.

Peace and Love

[Review and Video by James Gomez]

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