CMW 2018 Presents: Tuesday May 8th HIGHLIGHTS

The first stop of our night was the Higher Reign Showcase at the Drake Underground. While doing research for this year’s Canadian Music week I had come across Vanessa Piunno, better known as VAN. VAN Opened up with her newest single “A-OK”, an upbeat and very catchy song which set the mood for the rest of her set. While her set was quite short it was easy to see that the crowd was enjoying themselves by dancing and moving around. VAN sang a cover of “Waterfalls” by TLC followed by the single that started everything for her “Lock My Love Down”.

Up next was A-SHO, having not really scheduled the night I was curious to see who else might have been playing the Higher Reign showcase so I decided to stick around, and I am glad I did. A-SHO played a few songs one of which included his single “Feel Something”, his set was pretty short as well but it allowed everyone in the audience to see just how talented he actually is. The final song of the night was a cover of Wake Me Up by Avicii which he introduced by saying how Avicii has inspired him and was sad that he was no longer around which left most people feeling emotional.

For the final band of the night, we decided to run over to the Horseshoe Tavern. Coincidently enough Wolves At Midnight were scheduled to play around Midnight. Having only heard one song of their before I was eager to see and hear them live. Even though there was a small crowd that did not stop them from rocking out. Wolves at Midnight played a number of songs some of which included “West Coast” “The Way it is” and “Let It Go”. Throughout the set, everyone in the band had great energy making in a very enjoyable show.




Wolves At Midnight


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