Toronto Pro Super Show + World Fitness Expo Toronto


Arriving at the Toronto Pro Super Show, you can instantly feel the fitness, healthy, and “bro-ness” in the air. You’re immersed in a sea of all kinds of people; looking to try the newest supplements, meet the fitness models, check out fitness apparel, and most importantly grab all the freebies one can.

This isn’t my first rodeo at the Toronto Pro Super Show. Actually, it was because of the Toronto Pro Super Show that I decided the venture in the world of fitness and working out. Lets just say I thought I was in shape until I came to my first show, and it really put me in my place. This years show was no different, hundreds of vendors, unlimited samples, tons of free swag, models upon models upon models, and a great atmosphere for the fitness community to interact with. The only thing different was I actually felt comfortable with my body to be around all these fit people.

This year was also a real treat as I was introduced to Chantal Bicket, who was competing in the women’s figure ‘E’ category. This competition wasn’t Chantal’s first rodeo either. She’s been competing for years now, looking to secure that one goal we all have while competing – First place. A first place win would qualify her for the CBBF National completion, which was in 7 months. During our conversation, Chantal explained some of her restrictions while prepping for the show. No carbs, no booze, no junk – just to name a few (crazy right!?). To think that one had to limit themselves for over half a year without things like pasta, or pizza, or tequila, would drive anyone insane. But it paid off! Chantal Bicket won what she has always been striving for – First place, and qualifying for the National Title. It was a surreal moment knowing with dedication and drive, after many attempts and failures; one can achieve the first steps to their ultimate goal. Check out my full interview with Chantal here!

The Toronto Pro Supershow is always a good time. You get to meet the people you’ve only seen online, try the supplements before committing, find that workout shirt that will make you ‘stronger’, and even get to chat with the first place women’s figure ‘E’ winner. You never know what you might take away from coming to an event like this, but at the end of the day, it’s an event filled to promote fitness and lifestyle, and trust me, I really set my mind right into becoming a healthier person.

Update: Chantal Bicket has decided to apply for the 2018 CBBR National Figure competition, to allow her body to rest and heal from all the training she’s done in 2017. We wish her nothing but luck on her road to nations.

The World Fitness Expo was something I’ve never experienced before. I didn’t know if it was exactly like the Toronto Pro Show, or something similar to the Arnold show, or a mixture of both. From what I gathered through online media, and conversations with some people, it was something I had to just go and see.

When you first walk in, you’re greeted with a goodie bag filled with a show directory, a few magazines from some sponsors, and a Flow box of water (Yup, water in a box… 2017 y’all). One can quickly tell that this isn’t the Pro SuperShow, as there are vendors selling gym equipment, treadmills, cable machines, etc. It’s entirely set up for gym’s, or private workout facilities, home gym’s, office gym, to check out the latest and greatest. I was amazed at all the things I’ve never tried before, nor seen. I’m hoping that my gym will equip some of the things I saw, cause I was totally not dressed to try any of the equipment out.

The World Fitness expo also brought in celebrity trainers like Tony Horton, and Shawn T, who held workshops for those looking to get their butt kicked. Unfortunately all the spots were booked, but from some of colleagues, it’s being trained 100x harder – but maybe that’s because you’re surrounded by other people trying to out shine you. There were also demos for upcoming fitness classes, like a workout that included drumsticks, mixing intense music and the timing of drumming with sit ups and push ups. There was also “strong zumba”, which is essentially zumba, but with punches and kicks (not to sure how I feel about this). They also had an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) competition involving crossfitters from across the nation. The Pro Supershow had something similar but I didn’t get a chance to take it in while there. It was insane seeing incredibility ripped individuals lift some impressive weight, over and over again. I’m not one to do cross fit, but clearly it’s doing more than just bad form (clearly not a fan of it).

What I also noticed from the Expo was the amount of new brands that were trying to make a name for themselves. I’ve tried my fair share of supplements, and done my research, but some of the companies there were just unheard of. What was most entertaining was their “pitch”, and how much it’ll improve my performance or my gains. Sadly, I didn’t buy into them, but who knows. I may try a few of them when they go on sale at the local Popeyes Supplement store.

The World Fitness Expo and the Toronto Pro Supershow both give you a different feel and vibe from one another. The Expo felt more of a showcase of new industry equipment and classes, allowing the consumer to experience it before it went to market. While the Pro Supershow allowed the consumer to try new supplements products from brands that are already on the market, as well as showcase the fitness influencers from around the worlds. I couldn’t suggest one over the other as both are beneficial to one’s growth in fitness. My hope is to experience a fitness expo outside of Toronto and see how it compares to what we have local. One thing can be for sure, fitness and well being is world wide, and it’s something that can bring together all walks of life.

[Review by James Gomez]

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