Tyler Shaw MOD Club CD Release Party


Thursday, September 10th was a big day for Tyler Shaw for his CD Release Party which was hosted at the MOD club. This BC boy has come a long way from winning the Much Music Coca-Cola Covers contest back in 2012 to debuting his studio album Yesterday which was released on Friday, September 4.

Shaw’s Release Party included opening acts by The Heist, Eleven Past One, and Adrian Mitchell. The acts really got the crowd pumping full of energy as we waited for Shaw to come out on stage.

Shaw performed nearly all his songs from his debut album which gave the crowd a taste of what his album would sound like. He of course performed fan favorites like “Kiss Goodnight”, “House of Cards”, and “By My Side”. One of my favourite performances was his cover for the hit early 2000s song, “Stacy’s Mom” by the American band, Fountains of the Wayne, but of course he added a little bit of his own charm to the song.

His album, Yesterday has been in the works for about three years and it really showed in his performances how much soul and passion he has put into each song. His album consists of a variety of songs that make you cry to songs that just want to make you fall in love and dance. I would have to say that his album is definitely well rounded and can be directed to any age group. You could even see the diversity in his fans from the crowd.

Shaw of course closed the show with his very first debut radio single “Kiss Goodnight” which really touched the crowd and got everyone doing group hugs while singing along with him. The room was filled with smiles and tears all around and even got me a little teary eyed since “Kiss Goodnight” was one of the reasons which made me realize his talent.

Tyler Shaw will be joining Kelly Clarkson’s Canadian tour alongside Nick Jonas as an opening act this October. Hitting up stages in major cities in Ottawa, Edmonton, Saskatoon, London, Montreal, and Kanata. Seeing Shaw’s passion for what he does will definitely make him a good asset to the Kelly Clarkson tour.

Check out Tyler Shaw’s debut album Yesterday and let us know what you think!


It Happens All the Time
Life Without You
House of Cards
One Wish
By My Side
Don’t Be
Kiss Goodnight
Let’s Just Pretend

Watch Tyler Shaw’s “House of Cards” below!


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