Game of Thrones Exhibit hits the TIFF Bell Lightbox

Game of Thrones exhibit
Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, Obreyn Martell, and Margaery Tyrell.

We mentioned back in January, that HBO Canada and TIFF Bell Lightbox were teaming up to display the Game Of Thrones exhibit tour from May 14-18. For the second year in a row, tickets were being sold out within the first half an hour, and the rush line was at least an hour long. Thankfully, we still managed to finally check out the exhibit.

Game of Thrones exhibit
In Memorial of the Red Wedding

There were over 100 original artifacts, and original costumes from seasons one and two including Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons. The Iron Throne was also available for fans to wait and take pictures with it, along with a few cos-play characters.

Game of Thrones exhibit
Daenerys Targaryen/Khaleesi and her Dragon

Oculus Rift presented their virtual reality scenario called “Ascend the Walls”. Where once again, fans would wait in line to experience a two minute virtual adventure with an Oculus Rift headset and headphones into Westeros for immense experience.  It literally feels as if you’re going up 700 ft off the ground. With sensory elements such as wind blowing and rumbling floors, it tricks the brain into thinking you’re riding an elevator up to Westeros. 

Ascend The Wall experience

The tour hits Belfast next from June 11-15, and making its final stop in Vancouver on August 16- Sept 1.

Game of Thrones exhibit
Grey Wind’s head and the dagger that was used to kill Robb Stark
Game of Thrones exhibit
Bran Stark and Hodor


Check out the video below of the Game of Thrones Exhibit at SXSW

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