#Review On the Basis of Sex

She goes by the nickname the Notorious RBG and now she’s making her way to the big screen in On the Basis of Sex. 

2018 has seen Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg become a pop culture phenomenon from Saturday Night Live impressions to a popular documentary. To close out the year she’s now the subject of a biopic focusing on her early years from law student to practicing lawyer.

The film kicks off in the 1950’s where Ginsberg (Felicity Jones) has just begun her law school studies at Harvard. It’s clear from the makeup of the class that Ruth sticks out as she’s one of the only females. From there she begins to deal with sexist classmates and teachers, all while looking after her newborn daughter and helping her ailing husband Marty (Armie Hammer), a fellow Harvard student who has developed cancer.

The film then fast forwards several years and Ruth is now a law professor as she was unable to be hired on by any firms, while her now recovered husband has easily become a prominent tax lawyer. Marty then comes to Ruth with a case involving gender discrimination that could change the course of history if they can win.

The film does a wonderful job of showcasing RBG’s earlier history, as some viewers may not be familiar with what she did early on in her life. The film also does a great job of showcasing the relationship between Ruth and Marty, who viewed each other as equals and shared responsibilities in the household.

The film does however tend to verge into schmaltzy territory, with some moments feeling a bit corny but overall it’s a feel good story about an incredible woman’s journey. Jones does a great job of embodying RBG’s personality and even her Brooklyn accent.


Universal Pictures releases On the Basis of Sex on Friday, December 21, 2018

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