Fitness legend Billy Blanks brings back Tae-Bo for World Fitness Expo

Fitness legend Billy Blanks (Creator of Tae-Bo) , and one of  headliners for CantFitPro World Fitness Expo, took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us on how Tae-Bo was really developed.

Tae-Bo is a high energy workout that combines elements of martial arts, dancing and boxing in 1970s.  The workout and Blanks both gained popularity worldwide when it was featured in 1990s, and the workout videos gained famous clients, and today Tae-Bo is taught around the world.  We were lucky enough to have Billy come to Toronto for the Expo to teach guests first hand on this famous total body fitness workout.

We actually attended his class Tae- Bo kickboxing class where each attendee was able to see first hand proper martial arts techinques. The first 15 minutes of class was learning all the techniques, and the rest of the hour was work. Tae-Bo includes aerobic exercises and basic choreography and is effective in toning and improving balance, flexibility and coordination. The great thing about the class was, Billy would stop us 20 minutes in between to give everyone a motivational speech on how we shouldn’t give up and keep on pushing. It was a tough workout, but his speech and quirky personality definitely made us go all the way through, and we couldn’t be happier!

Listen to our interview with Billy Blanks below!

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